Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Inspiration :: Young at Heart

"Always jump in the puddles! Always skip alongside the flowers.
The only fights worth fighting are of the pillow and food varieties."
~ Terri Guillemets

We all like to daydream about when we were young. When we had few cares beyond making it home in time for dinner or making sure mom didn't see those fresh grass stains on your shirt.
Children see the world with all of its possibilities and hopes and dreams laid out before them. Their imaginations are free to run with reckless abandon, providing a self made happiness.
As we grow older we are sometimes forced to face reality, and to push our childhood memories and dreams to the side.
But every once in a while, the perfect remedy for the soul can be letting go
of adult worries and going back to the inner child that exists in every one of us.
Splash in spring puddles on your walk home, dress up in your craziest outfit, or just lay in a sunbeam and let your imagination run free.
Always remember that age is but a number when you're young at heart.


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