Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting to Know Our Designers :: Epice

When customers come into the store looking for a little something extra 
to brighten up their outfit, we love showing them beautiful scarves from Epice. Each piece is a wearable work of art, with beautiful and whimsical prints that inspire a Parisian-like chicness for the wearer. 
Bess Nielson, co-founder and Creative Director of Epice, graduated from The Design School in Copenhagen, and then combined her design skills with her love of Indian art and textiles (along with some inspiration from her many years living in France), to create the Epice line of scarves, bags, and sweaters. Using a Scandinavian approach to her designs, Nielson created a purposeful, simple, and elegant line of easy-to-wear accessories that are coveted the world over. 
Jan Machenhauer, co-founder and designer for Epice, also received his education at the Design School in Copenhagen, and collaborated with Bess on numerous projects before founding Epice with her in 1999. Jan heads the Epice design team in Copenhagen, and applies his keen eye for detail, as well as an obsession with perfection to the line. 
We love the versatility of Epice scarves, from a pant suit to jeans and a favorite t-shirt. The artistic prints and beautiful linen and silk textiles provide a sense of everyday luxury.

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