Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting to Know Our Designers :: Veronica Beard

Sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard decided to combine forces to create a brand that could bring women modern, beautiful clothing, while simplifying the activity of dressing for women with busy lifestyles. 
In 2010, the Veronica's used their backgrounds in finance and fashion to launch Veronica Beard, their eponymous line now famous for their tailoring and perfect blazers. 
The sisters-in-law wanted to create a "uniform" for women like them who do it all. 
Between the two of them, they raise 8 children while building their fashion brand. 
They wanted to create an easy to wear, effortless style that would appeal to the modern working woman and mom. They did just that with their iconic blazer (complete with interchangeable dickies), and launched themselves into a full ready to wear sportswear brand.
Each piece in their collections acts as a "cornerstone" to a woman's wardrobe, fit to be worn alone, and easily incorporated into an existing wardrobe. Their prints are subtle and fun, their silhouettes are impeccable, and their styling is modern and easy.
We love that they are a team of sisters (in-law), and how effortlessly their pieces work for a busy lifestyle. 
See an exclusive interview with Veronica and Veronica and McMullen below, 
as well as details on shopping the collection.

McMullen: What is the best part about working with family? has it brought you closer?

Veronica Miele Beard: I can honestly say that I have a sister now after working with my sister-in-law.  We are so close that she was the first to know when I was pregnant with my last baby.  I tried to keep it from her because we had just started the business but she is that perceptive!!  On a more serious note, working with family can be heartfelt.  Even though we might fight it out (in a good way) on some design or business decisions, I never feel alone.  For us, sharing the VB brand is what family is all about!

Veronica Swanson Beard: I am one of 3 girls and my sisters are my best friends. VMB is my fourth sister from another mother. Working together makes all of it so much more worth it!

MM: Veronica Beard focuses on simplifying the way a woman dresses.  How does this concept shape the designs and collections? 

VMB: We design for the superwoman of today who does it all and wants to look gorgeous in any situation.  Iconic layering pieces like the jacket with upstate dickey or staples like the scuba legging with the silk/lace tunic are examples of key pieces every woman should have.  

VSB: Our motto is “we are our customer.” We have to love it and want to wear the clothes we design. We always think about how to make pieces that we can wear to a meeting for work and then go straight to a dinner. 

MM: Which do you prefer? Spring sunshine or spring showers?    

VMB: I love the fashion worn during a spring shower.  Umbrellas are a fantastic accessory and every girl looks good in a spring weight trench/raincoat!

VSB: Both! Spring took forever to arrive in NYC so I’m even relishing the allergies that go with the flowers. 

MM: What are your go-to outfits for a breezy spring day?

VMB: The army jacket (mine has some bling on it) over the amethyst tile print peasant dress.  Style it with a raffia open toe bootie or a strappy sandal.

VSB: Short suit with heels or a blazer thrown over a dress

MM: What are some specific inspirations that led to the spring 2013 collection?

VMB: The color palate and prints are reminiscent of the colors of Morocco.  
The best fitting jacket is a beige chainmail cotton/linen schoolboy with silk hoodie dickey.  Style with the beige chainmail trek pant and you have a blank canvas for a brightly colored shoe or bag.      
VSB: We were inspired by the colors of Morocco; Rich, sexy and vivid.

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