Saturday, June 28, 2014

San Francisco LGBTQ Pride Weekend

"Artistic expression as a way of questioning the world and exposing the truth about life.” 
~ Andrej Pejic

The images are:

Dykes on Bikes on Market St. in the 1990 San Francisco Pride Parade.

Designer Zac Posen and boyfriend Christopher Niquet.

Model Andrej Pejic, who is biologically male, appears gender androgynous and walks both women's and men's fashion shows. Pejic says she doesn't mind either male or female pronouns, but prefers female.

Just married couple kissing at the 2012 San Francisco Pride Parade.

Photo from Barney's transgender ad campaign called Brothers, Sisters, Sons, & Daughters, shot by Bruce Weber, featuring transgender models and their loved ones. This image is of transgender models Peche Di and Ines Rau.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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