Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting to Know our Designers :: Bluma Project

Bluma Project's African inspired jewelry has had us dazzled since we started carrying it.
With its use of bold color and traditional beading techniques, Bluma's pieces make any outfit memorable and fun. But perhaps what is more intriguing about Bluma Project is their program that works with women in Ghana and Rwanda to provide happy working conditions, jewelry making skills, and a means for these women to support their families.
Each woman is mentored by members of Bluma's team on jewelry making techniques and traditional African design. Bluma's team focuses on aesthetic and materials traditional to the villages and immediate areas of the women they employ, while helping them to gain a sustainable wage.
Bluma encourages these women to develop their skill sets and helps them turn beautiful indigenous craftsmanship into modern, wearable art.
Bluma is the perfect combination of heart, soul, and beauty, and we are absolutely in love with their creative and colorful designs.
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