Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting to Know our Designers :: Obakki

When fashion and good deeds come together, we can't resist. That's why we are obsessed with Obakki, a clothing line and non-profit fundraiser dedicated to providing fresh water wells, sustainability, food, and education in Sudan.
Creator Treana Peake started Obakki and the Obakki Foundation in 2005, after dedicating years to philanthropic work in Africa, as a way to combine her creative talents and passion for humanitarianism. Using her experiences with the Obakki Foundation as the inspiration for her 
brand and collections, Treana and her team create clean silhouettes that showcase an 
endless variety of texture influenced by the landscape of the Sudan. 
For Treana, fashion is a canvas on which she can tell the story of the Sudanese people, a story they can't relay themselves. Obakki allows the consumer to become directly related to changing lives by donating as much as 100% of proceeds from a purchase to the Obakki Foundation.
Obakki truly is changing the world, one garment at a time.
Check out an interview with the Obakki team below, as well as a video for their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign and a link to find out how you can help Obakki change lives.

Q.  How did Obakki and the Obakki Foundation start?

A. The founder and Creative Director, Treana Peake uses Obakki as a medium for change. Her intention is to bring awareness and funding to global issues through creative platforms such as fashion. The Obakki collection grew out of a passion for philanthropy.

Q. How did Treana get started in design?

A. Treana is a conceptual storyteller and fashion is a natural medium for her to communicate these narratives. For example, our fall.winter 2012 collection is all about South Sudan where the Obakki Foundation has currently drilled over 300 water wells with collection proceeds. Through color, texture, and pattern, Treana explores the dramatic timeline of the country from the beginning of the 40 year civil war to present day. The collection is completed with optimism for the future - a time for rebuilding and celebration.

Q. How would you describe the Obakki style? What kind of woman wears Obakki clothes?

A. We see her as a confident, free-spirited type. She is authentic, which aligns with Obakki's value system as a transparent and credible charity. We also know that she is deeply passionate about global causes, insightful, and current….but knows how to have a good time. We believe that all Obakki customers have one need: beautiful, wearable, contemporary classics that align with their beliefs and values. 

Watch the video for Obakki's Fall/Winter 2012 campaign here and shop the new collection in store and online at McMullen!
Click here to find out how you can contribute to the Obakki Foundation.

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