Sunday, February 12, 2012

NY Fashion Week :: Rag & Bone RTW Fall 2012

Enjoy a little "Behind-The-Scenes" video shot by Sherri at the Rag & Bone show!

A few of our favorite looks from the runway:

Read what is saying about the collection:

Where India and England intersect was the apparent starting point for the new Rag & Bone show. It didn't necessarily come through in the clothes, but so what? David Neville and Marcus Wainwright's strength as designers is understanding their own here-and-now and the style habits of cool, urban women. 
Having lived through many New York winters by now, the English expats are well acquainted with the cold. This particular winter has been easy, but the R & B gal will be ready for whatever next December throws her way, because this collection, like all of their Fall outings, was a study in layers: a tile-motif jacket over paisley pajama pants, or a sweater and jacket on top of a draped skirt and slim leggings, with another blazer thrown on for good measure. They weren't shy about mixing herringbone with arrow prints with polka dots with stripes.
Outerwear was a strength. Especially a red, army green, tan, and black wool blanket stripe coat and a floral tapestry jacket with fur details (OK, that one put you in mind of the subcontinent). They both added needed jolts of color to a lineup that was predominantly black and white and shades of gray. 
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