Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting to Know Our Designers :: DulkinysDavis

Based in both San Francisco and Berlin, DulkinysDavis produces a chic and modern alternative
for fashionable women who want to stray away from mass produced items made in other countries. 
With a focus on leather, modernity, and U.S based production (including a factory in Oakland), DulkinysDavis is dedicated to both 
style and substance. 
Susanna Dulkinys, a branding and communication design specialist, joined forces with Martha Davis, a San Fransiscan with 25+ years in industrial design experience, to create an alternative fashion label centered around leather basics and high quality materials.
The designs are simple, focusing on essential silhouettes with a modern edge and twist. Each piece creates an easy chicness with a touch of luxury that can only come from the finest leather. 
Their pieces are both unexpected and at the same time "uniquely refined and appropriate". 
We love their take on the leather bomber, along with their curve hugging pencil skirt and trousers.
With style, function, and substance, DulkinysDavis is quickly becoming one of our favorite labels for the upcoming fall season. 
See an interview with Martha Davis below, as well as information on how to shop DulkinysDavis.

McMullen: A big part of your mission statement is to provide style and substance by producing within the U.S. Why is this important to the DulkinysDavis Brand?

Martha Davis: Because there is so much junk hurled at consumers anymore and luxury has become disposable. we believe in investing in things that have meaning and are lasting- things that have a story behind them and are made with quality and care. we source the finest materials available globally and on a small scale produce locally so we can control quality 
MM: What is the best part about working mainly with leather? What inspired leather
to become center stage for the brand?
MD: Leather has inherent value - it is durable, warm, breathable, resilient, and is more structural than fabric. It doesn't have a weave so patterns  can be placed with maximum economy. It doesn't need to be finished. Edges can be left raw. It is the ultimate strong and sexy!
MM: What are 3 essential pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe?
MD: 1. The blouson, which is like an uber sweatshirt - comfy, just the right casual and totally cool.
2. The trouser, the super modern track pant.
3. The zip skirt, what can I say? It makes every booty look amazing!
Shop DulkinysDavis in-store 
or call 510.658.6906
for more information.


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