Monday, August 6, 2012

In Search For The New McMullen Designer...

More details to follow!

xo McMullen


  1. Hi There!
    I am a local designer and I have followed McMullen for quite some time! I love the aesthetic of the stores! And the Owner's story is so inspiring. I would love to meet and discuss this opportunity. I have the cutest dress out now called the 9 to 5 dress. It has been getting a great response. I think it would be a great addition to your store! Please check out our commercial at

  2. Hello, neighbors,
    I live a few blocks from your Grand Ave store. I make bold, one of a kind glass jewelry for women. In addition to making my own glass beads for the necklaces, I have recently started making unusal fused glass pendants in vibrant colors. Everything is hand made (by me) here in Oakland as well as in Mexico, where I live part of the year. I've been selling at the Oakland Art Murmur this Summer, and am very interested in finding the right retail venue in Oakland. You can see some samples of my work at

    Kathy Kenny
    Handmade Beads and Baubles
    tel: 510 893 3362

  3. We louvre McMullens design esthetic...wheat a great match for a brand l like Keneuoe? Selected to participate in San Francisco's moat recent Fashion on the Square Fashion Show, her collection is elegant, inspiring and locally made. Check her out online at www.keneuoe.con or on facebook.


  4. Hi Sherri!

    I'm a local designer and my line, a.anthony, is manufactured here in the Bay Area. We think our aesthetic would fit in really nicely with the other designers that are currently being carried in McMullen. a.anthony embraces a feminine, sophisticated and polished look while staying young and playful. We would love to learn more about this opportunity and look forward to it!

    Anna Anthony
    a.anthony designs